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Green Jade Cube by Tiny Rituals


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Get joyful by bringing more Jade into your life. This gorgeous Green Jade Cube is a little square of serenity. Forever calling in abundance, Green Jade is such a great reminder that your vibe attracts your tribe and you can be a magnet for all things amazing. Calling on the energy of sacred geometry and the hugely intuitive power of Jade, this cube is here to call you back into balance and to provide a stable platform for exploring all avenues of pleasure and play.

“With this cube, I send out a vibe that will attract my tribe”


Cooling, serene, and flowing like a dream - there are a thousand reasons to fall hard for the good luck gem of Green Jade. For centuries this stone has been used by various cultures across the globe, each celebrating this magic mineral known for its cleansing, healing energy and for being a fabulous talisman in every single way. 

Green Jade is a joyful heart chakra stone. It helps us to purify our heart space so that a clean line of energy can flow from root to crown, ensuring all our actions come from the emotional core of our being. When our hearts are open, they can be wild and free rather than small and hard, which helps us to live in the light of trust, beauty, and a deep-seated belief that we are held and we can hold ourselves. Green Jade also flushes out negative energy and raises self-esteem. It’s a gemstone that wants you to stand in your power.

The cube shape is the perfect choice for Green Jade. Symbolically, the cube represents all things and the energy that connects them. The cube is a whole shape, where lines always meet and support each other. It is also a stable shape that holds itself strong all while connecting the divine and the earthly with one fine flow of interconnected energy.


  • Unique and genuine Green Jade gemstone 
  • Approx. 1 inch x 1 inch 
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary 
  • Comes with a description card
Green Jade Cube by Tiny Rituals

Green Jade Cube by Tiny Rituals