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Rainbow Moonstone Cube by Tiny Rituals


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Light up your life with the Rainbow Moonstone Cube. Forever ready to fill our hearts with divine love, to connect us back to nature and the self, and to guide us through the darkest nights, the natural Rainbow Moonstone is a cosmic connector. This semi-precious gemstone carved into a cube shape becomes your own secret box of light. 

“With this cube, I have the power to pull the tides even when my world is changing”


Ripe with goddess energy, there is so much to love about Rainbow Moonstone. This glowing little gem is known to be a stone of inward vision and is a wonderful sidekick for those times when you are going through change. Just like the cyclical moon that hangs overhead and shifts with the seasons, we too, are all on a constant journey of growth and change. This can be glorious but it can also be overwhelming. The Rainbow Moonstone offers the sweetest support, nurturing strength, and encourages us to adapt to these shifts without fear of stagnancy. All while reminding us that no matter how much life changes, we still have the power to pull the tides.

Rainbow Moonstone is also a glorious stone for helping ease symptoms of PMS, bringing fertility into balance, and keeping your emotional self safe and in check. It resonates with deeply spiritual magic, cleansing the chakras of the heart, the third eye, and the crown. These are all higher chakras that link to our themes of wisdom, love, trust, and connection. 

While Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of whimsy and white goddess wonder, the sacred geometry of the cube actually suits it well. Rather than being about hemming something in, the cube shape is actually about the interconnected relationship with everything around us. Just like the moon that rises, the cube is a shape that represents a constant. A meeting of the spiritual feminine and the concrete masculine, the Rainbow Moonstone Cube is all about harmony.


  • Unique and genuine Rainbow Moonstone gemstone 
  • Approx. 1 inch x 1 inch 
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary 
  • Comes with a description card
Rainbow Moonstone Cube by Tiny Rituals

Rainbow Moonstone Cube by Tiny Rituals