How to clean your metal wall art

Regularly cleaning your metal wall art with just a microfiber cloth would've been enough had you not seen the rust peeking from the corners of your metal wall art. In any case, there's nothing to stress about. We are here with a couple of ways that you can use to clean your large wall art or outdoor wall art and get it looking new again.

Home remedies

If you're as tired as we are all the time or don't want to leave the house, here are some home remedies for you that you can try. If the rust on your metal wall art vanishes with just this, you can thank us later on.


Vinegar is a great way to remove the rust from your typography wall art because it is a mild acid. Not only is it used in foods, but it can also be used to clean metal wall art because of its powerful cleaning properties. All you will have to do is leave your piece in the vinegar for around 10-20 minutes or overnight if there's a lot of rust. If the work cannot be entirely soaked, take a paper towel, soak it in vinegar, and wrap it around the rusted parts.

Baking Soda

Used for several things, baking soda is another excellent way to clean your metal wall art safely. All you have to do is add baking soda to the water and make a thick paste. Do not add too much water because it will not stick to the large wall art if the paste is thin. Leave the paste on for around 30 minutes, then clean off with a rag.

Commercial cleaners

If the rust is very thick and won't come off your outdoor wall art, no matter how hard you try with the home remedies, it's time to leave the house and get a commercial rust cleaner. You can use naval jelly to dissolve the rust on your metal wall art or typography wall art or look for a product that contains oxalic acid. Either way, you should always take safety measures like wearing gloves when dealing with these because they contain toxic and harsh chemicals.

Tips for cleaning without causing any damage

When you clean your large metal wall art, outdoor wall art, or typography wall art, make sure not to use any steel wool. This is because the steel can get stuck to the metal wall art and cause further problems later. Instead, use plastic scrubbers and brushes, crumpled aluminum foil, and toothbrushes if your art is delicate. If not, you can use brass wire brushes and sandpaper. 

After washing with a cleaner, always clean the chemicals with water and dry them as soon as you can. Once you've done everything and the rust has been cleaned off, you should cover it with a layer of finishing wax so that it doesn't rust again in the future.